Cebu Philippines

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a Low Cost way to travel to Cebu from Manila - I paid 35 U.S. Dollars

The airport in Cebu

A Sari Sari Stand, next to a nice home, the real estate appraiser would go crazy


The maid in the home where I am staying, she earns 40 dollars per month.
She is a virgin, 22 years hold and wants to marry a man between the ages of 50 and 80
This is a very strange type of idea. More Photos


Chris has a call center in Manila and is now starting one in Cebu, he is from Michigan USA More Photos

I have no idea, however for sure he believe the car is a big deal More Photos

Children in Cebu Sniff Glue

I was given Rosary beads by the maid, I ate that crispy hard dough thingy every day. More Photos

From my room I can see a goat.

The goat next door

I would go crazy appraising this home, how do you value the goat next door. More Photos

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