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I arranged and paid for a Netherlands girl to make some sweatshirts with the little Hobo logo on them, she then took and gave them to persons that lived on the street. It cost me 10 dollars per sweatshirt delivered. The idea is this to create a volunteer situation where the street people receive something they can use for living in the street. Taking a photo of the person make the world see that the country does not provide social services for their people. This is meant for people that really cannot take care of themselves, it is not meant for the lazy peopl or drunks on the planet.

The world need to start being shamed into taking care of their own country. A NGO or Volunteer agency is not responsible for a country, a country is the only organization that can solve or help their own people. To work as a NGO in another country just enable often the country to avoid being responsible for their job. The rich in the county get richer at the expense of the enabling person giving money from other countries. It is not a problem for any country to take care of their people, they do have the money.

This is a project I am thinking or trying to design to show the exact locations where people live in the streets. The goal it is to put the dirty laundry out in the public and on the internet and shame the governments of the world into do the proper thing.

Se�ora Agripina
This woman was sitting in Calle Meson de la estrella. She  always comes here in the afternoon. She has a daughter but she doesn�t have any work nor any help.

Se�ora Sota

She just crossed the street very difficultly because she has rheumatisme, and she sat down in the Av. Universitaria to beg for money because she doesn�t get any financial support from the government. She mainly spoke Quechua but understood a bit of Spanish.

Sr. Casiano

He is blind and is sitting almost every day in Calle Maruri, with his little money bucket with a string to avoid that people will steel the money that he just received. Sometimes his grandson is with him to avoid that.

He only spoke Quechua so didn�t understand me at all but he was really happy with the sweater. I think he is about 80 years old.

Benjamin, 70 years old, also blind and is playing the flute (very false) or some other instrument in calle Q�aphchikijlly.

Marcelino, 38 years old, is handicapped and moves around on his hands and his feet, with wooden blocks underneath to protect his skin. Normally you can find him on Avenida Sol to beg for money because he doesn�t receive any financial support.

Fidel, 68 years, is a blind man who is always playing the Bandolina,in calle Intikijllu to receive money. Not a top artist but at least he is trying!

German, 38 years, also handicapped and moving around on his knees and hands. I met him in Avenida Sol and he told me that he doesn�t have a job nor any financial support, so he begs for money.

Wilberto Antor, 35 years old and paraplegic begging for money in front of the Bank in Avenida Sol.

Sr. Agustin, 83 years old.

I met him in Avenida Sol, he is blind and is begging for money in different places, finding his way with a stick.

Sr. Fortunato, 56 years old, Avenida Sol. He normally sleeps on the floor in an institution where they can stay for the night. During the day he is begging for money.

Silvia, 85 years old, was sitting in calle Carmen K�ijllu. I could hear and see that she was sick. She told me that she had pain in her back and problems with her lungs, Tuberculossis. If she feels good enough to beg for money then she will be on the street. She doesn�t have any insurance nor does she get any financial help.

In Plazoleta Espinar I met Sacharias, 35 years old, who told me that he became sick from one day to the other, from his middle to his feet and he also has problems with his hands. He doesn�t know what his sickness is because, like he told me, they didn�t help him very well in the hospital. In the past he was working in agriculture but now he is begging for money during the day and in the night he stays in the Institute Fartac where he can sleep.

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