Cakchiquel Family

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The great safe or security box in Marios Rooms in Panajachel Guatemala on Lake Atitlan

Tacos are now sold in Guatemala, this is not a typical food, more Mexican.

Very good and very tasty, strange how the tourism is now defining the culture

I ate here daily.

The may or probably do not speak Spanish as their first language, they speak Cakchiquel.

Cakchiquel Family

Cakchiquel Family

The boy and girl work in Panajachel and live in Santa Catarina

I got in the truck with them and rode to Santa Catarina or Catalina to meet their Cakchiquel Family

Cakchiquel Family


A wood stove in the home. They have gas stove, however the cost of gas is more expensive than to buy or search for wood.

There is a big movement and signs saying this type of cooking in homes causes health problems.

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