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I want to lift weights or exercise when I travel
I purchased this Jumbo Camp Shower that hold 5 gallons of water.
It make a terrible shower, however a great way to lift weights.
It is explained in this newsletter Travel Newsletter

I think I purchased this for about 7 dollars U.S. at Walmart

This plastic is not durable enough to lift as weights and cuts into my hand.

I bought a dowel rod and had the hotel owners cut it off.

Measured the width

I needed scissors

I pushed the dowel through the plastic

You only need enough for one hand width

I purchased a mop for 1 dollar to use as dowel rod.

I took duct tape and reinforced all the edges and the grips

Tapes every seam

The handle is especially important


The finished product - Note that the valve on the bottom always is leaking and is not good.
It has NOW broke, I took a piece of plastic and am sealing it shut. If you used plumbers salve and shut this
permanently it would work better.
IF you want to take a shower, buy a bucket and use a dipper, much better way to clean.



This is not good, leaks all the time, now after only filling about 7 times it has broken completely.

One gallon equals about 8 pounds

I can use purified water bottles to adjust the weight.

The bottom valve broke in less than 7 times of use. I put a soft piece of plastic on an will not open this.
The seam around the edge just cut itself

IF it was down inside it would be as it was before it broke.

Dai Lift the very heavy weight for here. HER hands are NOT correct. I am going to cut off the ends
and make shorter soon.

It is not wide, therefore easy to lift.


Dai is a Philippines girls, 22 years old and the maid or Housecleaner for this home I am staying in, she is nice.
She is search for a husband between the ages of 50 and 80, she wants a serious or honest man she say.
She went into great detail trying to explain why she wanted and older man and not a younger man.

This is a very common desire of women on the planet as the younger ones just are not trustworthy and loyal.

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