Lago Atitlan Guatemala

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Guatemala Girl

There is a nice market up the hill of Panajachel Guatemala

Guatemala Girl

Lago Atitlan, or Lake Atitlan, it has about 4 Volcanoes on this lake.

My wonderful concrete homemade safe in Marios Rooms in Panajachel Guatemala

This is a perfect safe, big enough to actually put a camera inside or my computer.

I can use my own lock, I NEVER trust the owners

Making concrete as is done in 80 percent of the planet

This is like a bus, however a truck.

Empanadas Argentinas

Taking a photo of a serious person with a seriously big camera


There was a huge storm last year and the river washed out many homes.
The river went from being very small to being about 50 meters to 100 meters wide.

Volcano on Lago Atitlan

Lake Atitlan or Lago Atitlan

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