Guatemala Vegetables

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This is Vegetables growing in the countryside around Panajachel Guatemala
The world often does not have cash, however has a lot of food.

The crops are good in this area of Guatemala, there are many mountains in Guatemaula, therefore not all land is tillable.

Farmland in Guatemala

Looking out the front window of the bus between Guatemala City and Panajachel.
The white lines on the side is a great sign the country is developing well.

Advertisement for a home on Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Young Guatemala Girl with Brother or Sister

There are many types of crafts made in the Panajachel area of Guatemala, these are Hammocks,
this is not a typical thing, it is developed to sell to tourist.

The roof of Marios, they have made this electrified to stop people from climbing over the roof and entering into the courtyard to steal.

My courtyard in Mario Rooms in Panajachel Guatemala, this room cost about 10 Dollar U.S.

Hummingbird just outside my door

Great colors of textiles in Guatemala

The sell these little finger puppets for 1-5 Quetzals

Prohibited to urinate or throw trash, we are not pigs

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice a benefit of traveling in a poorer country.

Children on bikes going to school in Panjachel Guatemala

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