Leaving St Martin

Leaving St Martin Photos    Leaving St Martin Pictures
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This is a girl from Dominican Republic


After this bad day in traffic trying to go to a beach, I decided to leave St Martin, Sint Maarten

This is a man from Otavalo Ecuador that comes here to sell them the things they probably sell as Souvenirs

A Cockroach in my Hotel

A Cockroach in my Hotel

A Cockroach in my Hotel

Books I was carrying and had to dump or leave because of weight factors on plane.
I needed this many to not be bored to death.

This is Pigeon Peas, they seem to grow on the Caribbean Islands

I broke a Prime Directive of Travel - Do not tear pages out of the Guidebook.
I knew this book was impossible to trade, so I did it.

Cigalon - the reason I carry with me a light to use

Le Cigalon - This is one of the best on St Martin for the price


Airport Departure Tax from Sint Maaten Airport


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