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I have traveled the planet for 9 years, what is sad is I am expected to trust the hotel for my safety. Yes, some hotels go give me a small safe, but too small for my computer.

This safe, cheap to make is almost ideal. I can use my own personal padlock. If I lose the key we can go find a hacksaw and cut the lock off, I am the only person that has a key.

A hotel first priority should be the safety of it guest, every hotel has problems with the staff stealing. I refuse to allow the owners, staff, management to share the keys to my valuables.

Bottom line is I do not trust a person I just met when I checked into a hotel, this is silly.

This is the first good safe I have encountered in 9 years of travel. There are a few lockers that come close, however most are too thin.

Ideally this would have an electrical plug INSIDE the safe, therefore I could charge my Cell Phone, Computer while I am not in the room.

This is a concrete safe in Marios Room a small Hotel on the main tourist road of Panajacheal Guatemala.
This is a safe that is being installed and to show perspective.

A very good safe in my room in Marios, very abnormal for travel.
It is big enough to put my computer inside
The are using it as a corner table.
This safe is heavy, you cannot just lift up the safe and run out of the room.
However, it is also mobile you can move it around in the room with a lot of work.


The safe is made of concrete, the manager says reinforce with steel.
Door is made of place steel, painted and common to buy anywhere on planet.

I personally think the padlock part is good, no need for the other lock.
Liability is still with the hotel in my opinion when they supply the key.
I believe they should explain maybe where you could go and buy a padlock and maybe warn which types are not good.


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