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This is one of the Ferries. I am not at St Martin, Port De Marigot

Port De Marigot.I believe most Western Passports are treated like the European Union, you can stay until you leave

This is Fatso Gumps, very nice man. 25 Dollars per day for a car to rent

I could not find this place, however 42 Euro is cheap for this Island.

Talk to this men to rent a Car, Fatso on the right helped me find the cheaper hotels

Car Rental Place as you get of the Ferry from Anguilla in St Martin

Twin Car Rental St Martin - French Side

You get off the ferry in St Martin and you can get a ferry to St Barths or Saba Ferry to St Barths and Saba

Good map of Island in a way, need to know there are large hills on this Island, it is not flat


I would stay here if I come again, in the middle. Louisiana Hotel or something, in St Martin.
I will probably not come again.. hehehe. Unless on Honeymoon.

Frenchie Version of delivery of coffee in St Martin

Typical in the world. Note may products are made in Ecuador or maybe even Guatemala.
Most of this seems to made in Central or South America and always China.
There is this Muslim system of Importing Knockoffs into the Caribbean also.

The bay or one harbor in St Martin

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