Anguilla Wallblake House

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Airplanes on Anguilla

Trans Anguilla Airways I think. Windward Islands Airways International

LLoyd's Aviation Services

Anguilla Airport

Wallblake House. I did not enter. Gary told me they had a great cistern system.
IF I would have know earlier, I would have visited.

It is Historical I believe... BECAUSE it is the Slavemaster House or Plantation.
This is about slavery to me, that is what would make it interesting.


Anguilla does not have personal taxes, a tax haven or offshore place to put money.

Sort of an Insult in my mind to the locals of Anguilla.
A monument to the Memory of Princess Diana

Many churches in the Caribbean


Site of the First Methodist Building in Anguilla
Note they started in the Caribbean in 1492 when Columbus arrived.

Named the home. Hibiscus House on Anguilla

Grave of a Gumbs, they are everywhere on Anguilla

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