Anguilla Department of Agriculture

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Department of Agriculture in Anguilla

This is the start of circular delivery of irrigation from a main well on Anguilla

Plastic Tubing

Fertilizer Delivery system into the water.

Drip type flat hose


Silver reflects better

The grow one to three crops in the same hole in the plastic

Drips into the hole and irrigates, the plastic keeps the water inside

Example of flat hose.

Anguilla small garden plots

Sheldon and Andre work at the Anguilla Ag department

I wrote emails to both of them, Andre twice, they do not respond. Andre is very intelligent, very helpful
I was going to try to take him with me to Niger, however he does not or will not communicate.
Sad when people just ignore
On the other hand, he gave and extremely great tour of this project on Anguilla to grow or irrigate in the Tropics.
Extremely smart man Andre, the other guy did not talk.


Stops the Caterpillar and adds some shade, grow lettuce I believe inside

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