Anguilla Farming

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Pipe leading to a fertilizer dispenser

Drip type fertilizer dispenser

The have a drip system under the plastic to irrigate the plants here on Anguilla

The light color plastics reflect the sun and keep the heat out.

The Agriculture department on Anguilla in the Valley

Department of Agriculture Anguilla


This is not the norm, on top of the plastic, however three rows of crops

The water will drip into the hole in the plastic, they buy the hose already with holes.

The water circulates in a circle or returns back to the start and is in cells.


This is a screened area for shade and to stop the moths. They do not want the caterpillars eating the crops.

Library in there is Internet, I went daily to this library.

Interesting name on small Anguilla Restaurant

Taste Tit

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