Shoal Bay Anguilla

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Shoal Bay great sand on Anguilla

Shoal Bay on the Island of Anguilla is a good example of beaches.
There is normally three parts to a beach, the swimming, the walking area and the dry sand.
This beach is sloped a little too much for walking, sand too soft.
The dry sand is not wide enough to always be dry.
The trees are good for the Caribbean as hard to find
The bad part of this beach is the Hotel will claim in front of them as theirs, not a good situation.
Not the best beach, the sand is 10.
Girls is 2
Dry Sand is a 6
Walking area is a 5
About a 6 in my mind, nothing special.

Rich French girls should earn Shoal Bay more Points

French Girls on Shoal Bay Anguilla

This could be called and "Umbrella Beach"
The color of the water is great


American Tourist that came from Sint Maarten for the day, very common

This is my idea of a water side bar, this is on Shoal Bay in Anguilla

A great example of how to build a bar on the water



This is low, close to the level of the sand, walk out and go to the water.

Bungalow and Huts in the Roll out of bed, go for a walk method are my favorites, maybe on Palolem in Goa

Farm Plots on Anguilla

This is a central well for irrigation of tropical type farming

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