Anguilla Hawks Win

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The Hawk Won as best I can tell, February 26, 2006 Sunday Afternoon in Anguilla.

I got caught in the middle of a baseball tournament here near Crocus Bay in the Country of Anguilla.


I stopped earlier in the games and took a couple of photos, happened to stop back as they was doing
the awards ceremony.

The said, all - Camera People - can now come and take photos. Many person started to say,
no problem, you can go, go take some photos.

So here, I am just a friendly tourist, remembering play Little League Baseball with a smile.
Now, I am a camera guy, trying to capture the moment.

This was excellent, serious stuff these baseball players. I am impressed. The future stars of the planet.

I started to take a picture, missed the photo. On the prior batter shoulder was a very small USA Flag.
I do not pay attention enough to baseball to be sure, however I saw these little flags on the shoulders
of the USA Professional Players. The prior batter, may have dreams.
I want to go to the show, I want to be a player, I want to be in the Big Leagues.

Can you hear the parent,
Hit the ball, take the swing, Run.
Batter Up

Bike Race in Anguilla yesterday, a great place for a race, the island is about 16 miles long and one mile wide.
More or less flat, the riders were sprinters.

Everyone is cheering them on, I am lost of course, however fun to feel the pace.

ONE up for Andy- A young lady was walking in and out of the water very far, the camera here could see
her better than my own eyes. Thanks to a 12 X Sony Camera, life is closer.
IF I had only opted for the really big camera the Canon HUGE black thing, I could have the lens that
would make scenery be much better than nature.

Dreams, as you could imagine. This is Anguilla, there is this big Powered Yacht in Crocus Bay.
Only two person on the beach, many a dinghy, however Anguilla is maybe one the exclusive islands
of the planet. No personal taxes, maybe a great place to hide money from yourself.

I think my line here is this.
"I am a rock singer, coming here to hide money."

Anguilla on the shores is maybe even better than offshore.

I am hoping this is a Beautiful Rich Girl that owns this Yacht.

Life is Good in Anguilla - The Hawk Won.. Maybe

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