Bequia Guesthouse

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Julies for 68 EC in February of 2006

It is behind this one, however this is Julies also

 Bequia Express Island

Bequia Express is not so expressM

Maybe the perfect sailboat for me, more for cargo

9.7 Knots,the same speed for the Adimiralty and the Bequia Express

The Bequia Express is smaller therefore you get seasick more, same price 15 EC

Guesthouse in Kingston, called the Adams, I think they are 65 EC, and next to Airport, You can take a Maxi Van to city for one or two EC

Adams Apartments in Kingstown


Sheriff of Aspen Colorado

He is writing about book about T.S. Hunter, I believe that is the name.


This is the weight, careful, I am getting mixed weights for

Barbados Beach

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