Grenada Beach

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This is a place for about 45 in Grand Anse, very high up off the beach, easier to live in St Georges, however the price is right

Palm Grove Guest House

Grand Anse Beach as full as it got in February of 2006

The best Bikini I seen, maybe number 1 of 6


Looks like a group of British boys to me


Umbrella Tourist

This girl charges 30 dollars U.S. to braid the hair. Normally in Thailand about 5 dollars.
The days wages in Trinidad are about 10-20 so she is paid extremely well, if you were going to pay this, not me.



A grave yard, and entrance to the beach of Grand Anse in St Georges Grenada

House next to Mitchells Guesthouse

Ocean Village Cruise Ship, the drop them close to the Mitchells

Ocean Village Cruise Ship in St Georges Grenada

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