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I was looking at this Catamaran in Chaguarams Harbor Port of Spain.
The man walked by said they start at 100,000 and go to about 700,000 dollars.

I like the front area where a person can lie in the sun on a flat surface.

Craig needed deodorizer spray for his TEVA Sandals

This is the Copper Kettle Guesthouse in Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago

Copper Kettle Rate Sheet, this place is not in the center of places

The Tourist Villa in Port of Spain



Owner I believe of the Ville de France

I stayed for 25 U.S.A. Dollars here on French Street

Melborne House is next to it for about the same price.

Melbourne Inn

Melbourne Inn

Melbourne Inn and about 5 Guesthouse are all on French Street

The - La Calypso Guesthouse on French Street.

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