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Not very normal, however around, a home on legs, Why on Legs?

The Fast Ferry from Tobago to Trinidad for 50 TT - January 2006 this price is quoted.

Guys Make Nice Pets

Craig with kids in the Crown Point - Store Bay area of Tobago


Tobago Children

Tobago Girl

Tobago Girl

Tobago Girl


A boat in Chaguaramas Sailboat Hold

Catamaran in Chaguaramas Trinidad

The man below lives by this quote

He is a sailor, now leaving for Brazil, Craig could have sailed with him, he is going around the world more or less,
I think you can find a crew position to go a long distance pretty easy in Chaguaramas, and according to the time of year.

Catamaran in Chaguarams near Port of Spain. Chaguaramas is the main area of sailboats for Trinidad.

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