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Maxi-Van Fares

Sailboats in Chaguaramas

Sailboats in Chaguaramas use this to take their boat out.
Cost is about 170 USA
240 per month to be on shore.


On Channel 68 in the Chaguaramas area of Trinidad, they have a net
People discuss at 8:00 AM, security, weather, for sale, CREWS

Craig getting ready to announce his crew desires.

Come back?

I want a girl captain.... oops, my idea. He wanted to go to Brazil.

The currents are fighting the trip, going against the current is a problem.

Frank from Montreal on the Unique, the Captain and very educational Quebequa

The Captain in the Chaguaramas Area

Unique - on the land in Chaguaramas Trinidad

Chaguaramas Trinidad close to Port of Spain.

Naked lights?

Crew board or message board in the Chagauramas area of Trinidad close to Port of Spain.
Post a position for crew or to work on boat.

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