Charlottsville Tobago

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The bay of Charlottsville Tobago and behind us is many sailboats.

A sailboat in the bay of the Charlottsville Tobago area.

Sailboats in Tobago

Charlottsville Tobago Sailboats

Charlottsville Tobago Sailboats

I think it is Papaya


This is the Cove Hotel or Resort a walk down the street or 2 TT Maxi-Van from Chaguaramas.
It is suppose to be full of prostitutes and drunk sailors, I am sadly disappointed as the only
problem to have fun with are the too loud music cars.

260 TT per night for a room. one or two person.


Hotel called the Cove in the Chaguaramas Sailboat Area

Hotel called the Cove in the Chaguaramas Sailboat Area

A maxi-van 5 TT to come to Chaguaramas, they run constantly until later in the night, very good.

The Cove Hotel in the Chaguaramas Sailboat area near Port of Spain

Maxi-Vans in Port of Spain Area, very good way to travel

Military Soldiers of Tobago at the end of road, they have a big room area in the Cove Hotel

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