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Canadian Jehovah Witness Girl in Bikini in Tobago, I am ready to convert.

More fat women and a small child, the child was nice photo


The pier with Dinghies in the north of Tobago, Charlottsville - Sailboats.

Sailboats in Charlottsville Tobago

Sailboats in Charlottsville Tobago

Holland girl with Craig

She is saying, do not put my photo on the internet.. so..

A Roti, an India dish and very common in Trinidad and Tobago

Rain is coming down hard in Charlottsville Tobago

Chickens on the beach.


This seems to be some type of clay oven in Charlottsville Tobago

Drainage or management of runoff water from the hills.

This is a place also to sleep in Charlottsville Tobago. We paid 95 for the Green Corner Guesthouse

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