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Streets of Bogota

Two New Zealand Surfers in Platypus Hostel Annex

Just down the street, this is absolutely normal to see anywhere on the planet except the USA.


Bum sleeping in front of the Trato AT Mundo STAtravel office in Bogota

She works in the STA-Travel office in Bogota - Anyone can buy there, not only students.

I like this, a pop open can of corn.

Great jobs for travel, cut hair while traveling.


My gear in the Port of Spain Airport while I slept the night to catch the 5:00 AM plane to Tobago,
There was no reason to pay high dollar to leave the airport for 6 hours.

I flew with Caribean Star - there is also Liat and Tobago Express.

I paid 200 TT for the plane to Tobago from Port of Spain, the going price is 150 TT
About 30 U.S.A. Dollars one way.

The Tobago Express plane

I took this photo in Port of Spain, however when I arrived and the sun had came up and I tried to
take a photo in Tobago, the Police came over and made me delete the photo.


Entering Tobago

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