Colombia Art

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Bogota or Colombia is a big Emerald Trading area.

These two were riding bike across somewhere, I doubt very far with the dog.

My 12X catching the ever-present bums around the world. Bogota Colombia

I purchased four 12 OZ plastic cups in Walgreens, they are perfect, you can use as bowl for corn.
It is NOT the large size, it is a small size.

Roof Tops are part of living space in most of the planet.

The got-killed-so-famous Che

A semi-typical older home in Bogota Colombia, this is in the Historical Area called the Candalaria

A Great Artist in my thoughts, put up all these statues on the side of building in the Candalaria

Candalaria close to a University I believe.

Stature or Art in Colombia

Colombia Art

Rousing a bum sleeping, this is in the park area with all the statues.

A nice view of the type of street or older streets in Bogota Colombia

The bum again.

Bogota Colombia Streets.

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