Flight to Colombia

Flight to Colombia Photos    Flight to Colombia Pictures
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Hmm.. I pioneer is someone who breaks new ground or new sky.

SSSS on TICKET to Bogota, they searched me extremely well, I guess I kicked out a warning, maybe the one-way ticket to Bogota.

This is a pillow used for neck, I need to make a new one because I lost mine, I keep my blanket stored in side and not the pillow.

Cooking some water in the Miami Airport


The crew on planes have too many bags, they are not good examples.

Bums in Bogota, I was using my new Sony 12X optical zoom to see how close I can get.


She is doing a project to offer micro-financing to the country of Colombia, she is from the Netherlands.
Micro-financing offers very small loans to person, maybe less than 1000 Dollars.

Anti-Something House Rules in the Annex building of the Platypus.

The room system inside the Platypus for who is sleeping in what bed.

Passport Security

The Platypus has as a surveillance camera to know who to buzz the door to open.


The buzzer to ask to be let inside, I guess he has an intercom also.

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