Niger Food Dates Tobacco Cucumber

Niger Food Dates Tobacco Cucumber Photos    Niger Food Dates Tobacco Cucumber Pictures    Travel Newsletter  185

Fried Dough Not a Beignets, called maybe a "Saphraan." Road between Maradi and Zinder Niger

Oatmeal sold in Agadez this is 1700 Francs about 3 dollars. Most of the world this would be 50 cents.

Milk or Lait product sold in Market in Agadez, French

Water distribution in Agadez, everyone says they must pay for water.

Water for sale or collection for sale in Agadez Niger

Goats in market of Agadez

Corral for Goats, Donkeys, Camels in Agadez

Smashing or Grinding of Millet, Grains in Agadez



Salt I believe however hard to know.


Dried Vegetables

Health spices and such in Agadez Market

Cucumber like product, common in Niger in BIG cities, not in small - This is Agadez

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