Zinder Niger Culture

Zinder Niger Culture Photos    Zinder Niger Culture Pictures
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The sun is setting as we leave the village by the good road to Zinder from Zermou Niger

The are making a good road to the Village

Back in Zinder in the Rich mans home, they are cleaning his brother Mercedes Benz


This is the Guard and the guy that drinks lots of Lipton or TEA

A goat skin

Rabis Home

Mosquito net this is good

He hurt his knee because of not planning correctly and wrecking motorcycle

I gave him 20,000 Francs to see if he would take it, he took it.
Niger has a problem there hand is always out.


A fruit that grows in Niger, however I only saw in one place

I place my pants to dry on the clay, I think the heat of the bricks absorbs the water

I washed my shoes after big day going to Zermou Niger


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