Hausa Niger Culture

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Small cuts on the side of face that show the tribe or area

Three small cuts on side, one on cheek


This is maybe a Village Chief along the path to Zermou at a Village
Note there is no clear way I could surmise on who for sure was the leader of village.


This man came from another village because he had no food. I do not believe this
I believe he came because he believed it was easier here.

This lady is peering out to see me

She raises her hand in a Typical hand of respect sign

The sign of respect

Niger baby

Saying goodbye to Village - Peace Corps was in this village.
Rabi says they will say anything to keep us or lie, they believe that all White Men bring money.

Goats in Niger



We needed to try to either stay in track or better to get off the track, the motorcycles would crash.

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