Drinking Water Niger

Drinking Water Niger Photos    Drinking Water Niger Pictures
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Rabi gets off to go ask directions to Zermou, nobody knew the way, however they all said they knew
how to go to Zermou, Niger. We took a good road back.

River in the path, or small stream

Conference as they all try to figure out how to go to Zermou Niger


A path, there is no clear way a person could follow from village to village.

This is a large well in Niger - Not sure if the government or the people made this well. It looks like it was done by government.

This same type of pump was on many wells.

That is a grain smasher or grinder in her hand

The well or pump in Niger for drinking water

Grinder of the Millet or grains tool

The is pickers used to block the path and for protection

These two appear to be carrying food to workers or to another village


This is a typical Village Meal Bean and some form of spongy grain


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