Feeding Center Zinder Niger

Feeding Center Zinder Niger Photos    Feeding Center Zinder Niger Pictures
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Grasshopper or Locust in Niger - They call them Crickets in Niger

This boy would raise his fist as a sign of respect to me.

A sign of respect

Goats along the road in Zinder

A very large Mosque in Zinder Niger

The Red Cross feeding center in Zineder shown to me by Rabi

Waiting for something, however I am not sure what.

This is a temporary structure, there are many concrete, this one is empty, no children inside.


Area for cleaning


Child with many flies on her eyes, curious as whether she can or could wipe them away.
The mother does not seem inclined to help her.

Therapeutic Feeding Center Zinder - I think the spelled wrong on sign.

Croix-Rouge Francaise - French Red Cross

Qatar Red Crescent - Croix Rouge Nigerienne

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