Zinder Niger Culture

Zinder Niger Culture Photos    Zinder Niger Culture Pictures
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Girl Running in Zinder Niger

This boy or taxi driver is dressed similar to the black culture of the USA.

Normal Dirt Street in Zinder Niger

Drying grains along side the streets of Zinder

Sidewalk or Street Side sale of products in Zinder, Niger


Baguette, last three picture taken from back of Motorcycle taxi

Making furniture is common for a country with very few trees

Brochettes Cooker

Brochettes Cooker

Brochettes Cooker or Beef cooked or Goat cooked on skew

Baguette and Coffees sales in Zinder Niger

Brochettes Cooker

Rabi in Zinder

Locust or Grasshopper, the Niger people call them Crickets

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