How to Cross the Street

The number one danger in travel !

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Find a group of slow moving people, this is best a car slows down better for a group.

You must follow close not too far behind and not ahead, timing is everything.

The cars will not stop, only in maybe 15 percent of the planet are pedestrians protected.

The distance is important, too close and hard to see the person and the cars.
Too close if they hit the person you are hit also.

Watch them cars shooting around or suddenly taking a gap and speeding by, you must stay close to the cars passing.

This white truck is close to where you should be, you need to stay very close to the rear of the truck.

A crowd is good, wider path to follow.

Girl with head scarf on is good, stay with her.

Another group, better to follow a few people.

Dangerous, when there are no cars, the cars will come through very fast.

Children in India, I am trying to photograph the hand powered wheel chair, I believe the persons were
probably hit by cars.

Typical type of transportation for cripples in undeveloped countries.

See the hand crank

A crippled child, see the very skinny leg.

Older man along the highway, hard to photo with the proper respect, however I feel it necessary to show
what is possible for solutions and what happens.

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