Egypt Hotel

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A food place or restaurant along the way to Cairo

My great locker or storage box in the Ismailia House Hotel in Cairo, for 10 Dollars per night for single room.
40 Egyptian Pounds

View from my balcony in the Isamailia House Hostel in Cairo Egypt,

This is the fire escape area inside the Hotel, it is on the 8th floor of the building

There is a cat in that mess

The elevator

View from balcony of the Ismailia House Hostel or Hotel in Cairo Egypt

KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken in Cairo Egypt, this restaurant is everywhere.
If you want extra crispy say spicy, I do that must mean extra crispy here.

Tahir Square in front of the Hotel

I suppose if you could print that photo you could get to the hotel easier, nobody here reads English


Boy that sleeps next to the Elevator in the Egypt Hotel

The menu for the hotel, it includes a one egg breakfast with rolls

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