Falafel Photos    Falafel Pictures
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This is a Falafel in Jerusalem, the ones in Egypt are Terrible, get the Mayo for the top.

A photographer from Latvia, says he will or may have to work construction when he goes back.
He was there for the Gaza pullout in Israel

An Extremely modern bus system in Palestine or Israel, complete with a way for a queue or line, one of the best
I have seen in the world.

Queue system and they need this in Israel

Air Conditioned Bus

Latvia Photographer in the Faisal Hostel in Jerusalem


The very good bus system in Palestine

The Damascus gate to the Old Part of Jerusalem Israel

Sign on Faisal Hostel in Jerusalem Israel


Mazada Tours office for 40 dollars you can go from Jerusalem to Cairo by bus.

The bus to Cairo


This is the skyline over Jerusalem.

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