Marijampole Lithuania

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Volkswagen Van, the Van of all stereotype travel vans.

This is a common tree in the Baltic states, second to some form of Pine

This is a Weeping Willow as best I can tell.

Another new form of bread products in Lithuania

These kids are playing Counter Strike Together in Marijampole Lithuania

Cover for the toilet paper, needed in most of the world because the shower and toilet room are so
small you do both duties at the same time.

Me drying my wash rag, I use a sponge, however need to dry, I use a towel.




Me padlocking together all my bags in the Internet Cafe

Beer is easier to buy than bread in Lithuania and most of Europe

In the Internet Cafe in Marijampole Poland

The bus from Marijampole to Augustow Poland has a Microwave - I think that is an inverter from 12 Volts to 220 on the right.

Inverters for electricity from 12 Volts to 220

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