Marijampole Lithuania Hotel

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When you enter a bus in the Baltic States or Lithuania they will take your money and print a receipt


Marijampole Lithuania - I am making signs so they understand my goal.

Bus stop

I guess they conjugate or change the name of cities under different conditions in the Lithuania Language. Vilniaus or Vilnius Lithuania


Before and after on the bus handle.

Pull and turn up to make this work

What is this, out in the country of Lithuania

Multiple small doors behind house... Why? Animals, or separate storage?

Alec form Ecolines Buses. He gave me a ride to Hotel, very good guy.

My room in Marijampole Lithuania - Hmmm... what about sheets, strange bed.

More of a couch, where I am typing this now

Pillows and ONE sheet. They stink, I think the soap and drying is done wrong.

Making hot water for coffee. This is showing what not to do. It is starting to slide off the side.
The surface is slippery and not level in Marijampole Lithuania

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