Vilnius Lithuania

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This is the Cows outside my Guesthouse in Bauskas Latvia

Information places in Bauskas, they were excited to talk practice their English

The owner walks in a puts my clean clothes down on my bed. I was gone, I do not like people to enter my room.

I try to thumb a ride to Kaunas Lithuania - I realize..... hmm... this is a police station I am in front of.

My sign to Hitchhike. It did not work. I did not get a ride and took a bus.

A bus stop is the right. The bus took 4 hours so I tried to Hitch, a different bus came along.

House across the border into Lithuania

What is this? Most think it is a windmill.

Ash or Spruce and Pine, I am not sure.

Very flat farmland in Lithuania, very good looking

This is the big chain of Groceries in Lithuania - RIMI is another.

Entering Vilnius they have these high rise apartments, modern and reminds me of Turkey.

Mass living quarters, they also have in Peking China


Church upon entering Vilnius Lithuania, this city has many churches.

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