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Wonderful and beautiful Riga Latvia


My Hostel only had a microwave, and they do not sell microwave popcorn in Latvia or at least I could not find.
I put some butter in bottom of this bowl, popcorn, and a plate on top. I have popcorn in a Hostel
with a kitchen with no stove.

Salto card system in the Argonauts Hostel in Riga Latvia

I come back to my room and an older guy has put teh camcorder on my bed to be close to the plug
I installed. Not what you want to do for security.

Journeymen of Tradesmen from Germany. Look like Hoboes to me... Hobo

Bright Red Hair in Eastern Europe. This is a great place to sell hair dye.


Trapped in Latvia - These Brits purchase new motorcycles. They do not have registration yet
and bribed their way into Latvia. Now they cannot leave and cannot go to Estonia to meet up with their girlfriends.





Colin from Wales

Latvia Women - Some of the best in the world

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