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Riga Latvia Photos Photos    Riga Latvia Photos Pictures
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The have a card or salto lock system in the Hostel for each floor and each room.
This is really an apartment complex made into a Hostel on some of the floors.

Lath on the open side walls


Me cooking water in My Office outside the toilets in the not so convenient Argonauts Hostel in Riga

Latvia Boy who Hitchhiked across Iraq, wrote me and we talked.

Stripper / a.k.a. Whore on street below my Hostel in Riga

My Office in the morning in Riga in the Argonauts Hostel, all the people sleep in the common area.


Sausage, never listen to any complaints about the bad health aspects of Hamburgers.
Sausage is 5 times worst than a hamburger and all of Europe east tons of Suasage.

This is the Moat in Riga, they have totally -De-Moated the water, looks like a river now.

Bus station in Riga. I was trying to walk around the moat in Riga


Old Lady Cart, common to have a cart to go to the store in Europe

Shopping center and bus station on the de-moated moat.

Many drunks in Eastern Europe

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