Hostel Parnu Estonia

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The friendly reception person in Launa Hostel in Parnu

25 Cents U.S. for the Ice Cream / 50 Cents for the Chocolate in the grocery. Bargains!

Norwegian Guy had this rucksack of front pack. I could use to sit down in the airport lines

Casinos are everywhere I have been in Europe

Free Wash machine in Kitchen of the Launa Hostel in Parnu. A place to stop and take care of business.

Frenchie type I believe

The Kitchen in the Louna Hostel in Parnu Estonia

TV room. This has excellent services or benefits in this Hostel

What is this... Wine?

This is a cinnamon roll. Like my mother makes, not in a bread shop, normal on the street.
Is my mother and family from Estonia?


Birds are scavengers in Parnu, Estonia, they will dive for your food.
I had a seagull taking dips at my groceries.

Pigeon in Parnu Estonia

Waterproof Computer Bag from Switzerland

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