Tallinn Estonia

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The gate to the Old Town in Tallinn Estonia

Electric Bus or Tram, Trolley system in Tallinn Estonia


Lockers at grocery story. This would be very good in a Hostel, too small, however not a bad idea.

Vagabond is an alternative word or means about the same as Hobo

Eggs - ?

This is in the large park in Tallinn - Not a good sign, normally they do not warn unless there is a reason.

Log like construction in Tallinn Estonia

Very high footers

Old Town Hostel in Tallinn Estonia on Uus Street 14

Label the food, and they know who they got it from when they eat it.


Hard to find a double yolk egg in the USA, however you can find in normal dozen in Estonia

My new camera after I dropped the other and broke the flash.

230 U.S. Dollars. Sony

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