EasyJet.com Berlin Tallinn

EasyJet.com Berlin Tallinn Photos    EasyJet.com Berlin Tallinn Pictures
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My very large backpack with no slide plate. I picked it up from the bottom and carried up.

The train station going to Shonefeld Airport in Berlin Germany

The Easyjet.com Airport for Berlin Germany.
You always need to check the cost to travel to the airport when using Ryanair.com or Easyjet.com
It can cost a fortune to get to a feeder airport.

Schonefeld Airport in Berlin Germany


Tipping a wing

Very flat as we fly into Estonia


17.5 kilos of weight for my backpack.
20.5 kilos for the checked bag.

17.5 kilos or about 36 pounds.

Russian girl I met after the plane arrived in Tallinn Estonia

A wall uncovered in Tallinn Estonia

The Viru Gate in Tallinn Estonia

Viru Gate in Tallinn Estonia

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