Berlin Germany Hostel

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Me drying my clothes on a nylon cord hung on the back of my dorm bunkbed.

Ryan a guy from Canada with a blog on

Transportation Poster, very good, I think I have seen most.

Brochures in Hostel, way to find the next Hostel down the road.

Drunk in Park in Berlin Germany

The sign to the park

A very nice and typical type building in Berlin Germany

The Tram or Trolley in Berlin Germany

This is a vegetable specific lunch, I try to very large helpings, cheaper than buying variety.

Note this is one reason you need long knife blade, then the handle is too long.
The best knife would cut a pineapple however a very short black handle, so I can store safer

I am collecting photos of signs, so I can make a collection for people to print.


My new cart with backpack. The pack on back falls off, or the piggy back one.

39 Kilos or about 80 pounds.

The wheels can not be pulled up the steps easily. I need a slide plate.

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