Chicago Airport

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The cheap place to buy in the USA - Dollar Stores

Passport Photos and they will sell you an INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS license for 40 Dollars.

Toilet in the USA, amazing.T

This future doctor from England was studying in the morning. The super motivated do not
travel, it is normally the less than motivated.

My new backpack system ready for Europe. The front pack is riding piggy back. Probably 30 Kilos or maybe 65 pounds.

Air India

Why do people always line up. I have a seat, I sit until the line clears.
FIRST CLASS get on first and have everyone BUMP them as they enter.

Rules to enter or for Visa to USA

OK - The one on the left is dangerous. It folds down and your computer can drop.
The one on the right is a shelf, safe for your computer.

Lufthansa Airplane in Frankfurt Germany Airport


Air India was late so they Lufthansa did not have my bag, they delivered to the Lett'em Sleep Hostel Free.


This was great, I did not have to walk around in Berlin Germany with a 20 kilo bag.

This is the obnoxious bus stop guy at the Berlin Airport, extreme rude, and obnoxious. Hates USA people I think.
I am here, and he will always be fat and ugly. I can leave... hehehe
NOTE: The Greyhound in the USA are five times worst, mean folks, minorities that hate whites.

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