Orland Indiana

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It is not my birthday, however the village sign is normally for birthdays.

My Parents Home

Two Cats in the Yard, life used to be so hard, what a great life.

Along the highways in the USA there is mowed grass and every 50 miles a McDonalds Sign or here a Wendys.

I gave up on the seamstress and sowed in Secret Pockets myself.

These are new bigger one, that is big enough for a passport easier.

Basket for Basketball in Indiana, this state is know for Basketball

Ohio Travel Bag company in Solon Ohio - I visited to try to buy backpack parts.

The owner full connected

A guy in the check out counter of grocery with an American Flag Tie

This is a toilet seat cover, I think people going on trips would like to purchase these, and I would recommend
for India.


A very good should strap in the Ohio Travel Bag company.

This is the illusive padlock slider - This is the one I need, however used by Samsonite so I cannot buy.

Slider with heavy duty pull

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