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Empanadas in Bogota Colombia - I like the Ahi Sauce

Great Artist in Bogota making Statues in the Candelaria


Small alley in Bogota Candelaria


French Canadian and Israel from the Hostel

Potato Chip makers in the street in Bogota Colombia where I purchased a ticket to Miami

In the back is a rail type car that goes up the small mountain in Bogota

German from the Platypus Bogota Hostel

Mixing up milk with chocolate with a special device.

Colombian Girl Cooking

This is the way the Platypus Bogota keeps track of who is which rooms. A good system

Every person has there own box with their OWN padlock if they wish in the Platypus.
This is probably one of the best systems possible. There is a need for a box similar for backpack.

Hostel House Rules in Platypus Bogota Hostel

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