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Church in Santa Rosa Ecuador

Taliban in Huaquillas Ecuador on the border of Peru and Ecuador

The Taliban is Here the sign says.
I saw this sign on the side of the building as I was approaching the border.
I paid a taxi 1.5 dollars to take me back to inspect and found something different.

Photo of World Trade Towers

This says for 5 dollar or 20 soles you can have un Punto or Sex

Funny how they just do not hide the toilet

Prostitutes in door number 3 and door number 4 in Huaquilla Ecuador.


The not so great located HI Hostel International in Macora Beach Peru

The very large sign in the Sol y Mar Hotel saying, we are not responsible if you get robbed unless
you leave your valuable with Management.

Mancora Beach Peru

Mancora Beach Ecuador

Colombia Girl on the Beach

Para Surfing or surfing with a Parachute

No Hippies allowed

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