Alcohol Cooker

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Every hotel in the world has a sign saying they are not responsible if stuff is stolen, and to leave at reception.
I always want to know, will they give me 500 dollars when I am robbed at the reception like they did in Playa de Carmen of other travelers?

Me playing using a tuna can of alcohol to cook.

Sugar Alcohol - I was reading about an alcohol cooker they said Sugar alcohol is hard to find, ONLY in the USA.
This is the normal type of alcohol and wood alcohol is hard to find in the world.

These are the perfect cooking pots, I just extinguished the flame

I suppose to be safe you use a piece of tissue


A floated the can in water so the bottom was not hot.



Simple is best



Spikes on top of walls so people will not sit

This is a Cacho or a Croissant in English


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