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Where I purchased a 220 Fan that is used to cool speakers.

A man that you should never donate too and never trust.

My heating system now for the room.

I needed some Peanut Butter or Crema de Mani

Buying a plane ticket.

The price are raised in the hotel and only in dollars, not a good thing.

Shipping and paying for DHL to send a box. The box is in Customs and it looks like I will
lose 400 Dollars as DHL failed, to ship it correctly.


The need a guy with a bullet proof vest, figures as the cost me 400 dollars.


I paid to have this handle put on the door to leave the kitchen in the Qorichaska Hostal in Cuzco.
I could not take it any longer, the trash was outside and no handle.

Me putting a lock on a bag and storing in Cuzco to maybe return one day.


I purchased this scales, I found the weight of my laundry was double?
This scales is still wrong and the weight was half of this at DHL.
As best I can tell the scales are double when they use this type to weigh your clothes.

TANS a bag lunch, the first I have encountered on an airplane.

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