Cuzco Peru Children

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Sleeping child in Cuzco Peru


Children in Uniforms for school in Cuzco


Quechua selling all sorts of grains

Weighing my too heavy heater for my room. One Kilo or about 2 pounds. About 1 1/2 kilo too much.

That is prototype number 2

Lots of colorful yarn for sale, and a big bag of coca leaves.

Hard to get  photo, however very typical.


Who was the cartoon that walked around cleaning the street, Cuzco still has this.

The only way for sure I have found that works to heat my room. The fan is good in 220 an 110.
This system works in both, however you need to buy the 220 version first and it will work in 110.

Prototype and no good.


American Flag clothes, very common.

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