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The guy invited me to come and visit and nobody is there to meet me,
very disorganized as are all volunteer and NGO organizations.
Mostly a joke.

I am not recommending this place, and probably will devote a tip to what I believe... hehehe

This kitchen area has hot water for washing dishes, not normal in the world.



The company has at least 10-20 web sites and probably raises money better than it helps people.


Tourist bus in Cuzco outside the place to Volunteer. As always Volunteers and NGO are not slumming it.
They always live good.


Chickens begging to be purchased.


Victor working on my 220 / 110 heater for my room.

Old ladies that work until they die.

Something new for me, Senor de Huanco, a substitute or some extra Jesus.

Dutch Girl in Cuzco

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